Congratulations on deciding to get fit through belly dance.  You have made a wise decision.  Belly dance will improve your posture, make you supple and strong from the inside out and also boost your confidence and self-esteem.  Belly dance a fluid and expressive dance that will stir your soul and enhance your femininity. 

Belly dance is a load bearing, low impact, aerobic exercise.  It is cardio-vascular (good for the heart and lungs), and will help you tone up and make your joints more supple.  It is ideal for those suffering from Arthritis, high blood pressure, and IBS.
Improving fitness and dressing up too!  What more could you want?
(Always consult your doctor before embarking on any fitness regime).

In our society we are told to hold everything in, bums and tums are forced into tight jeans, or in the past tight girdles and hose, often causing serious back problems.  Belly dance enables us to shake off this practice, improve our posture and be happy with how we look.  When we become honest with who we are and happy with ourselves it shows on the outside.  It is never to late to learn belly dance and reap the rewards it gives us.


In my classes, fitness and self-confidence are the goals.  They are not classes to train performers, though if you wish to do so you will be offered the opportunity to dance as a group or solo and given support and advice whenever needed.  Improver’s classes are available to assist those who want to progress or begin performing.

Learning to Belly dance is like learning a language, you learn new phrases in each class and you need to practice them to become fluent.  It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time for the muscles to gain strength and for the body to get used to relaxing.  Upper body movements tend to take longer to perfect as we lock more tension in our shoulders and neck.
It also takes time to familiarise yourself with the music.  Eastern music has more notes than that of the west, which is why it sounds so exotic to our ears.  It also has many different beat combinations.

Practising the art of Belly dance regularly will provide a good workout for not only your body but also your brain.  Improving reaction times, aiding memory and raising endorphin levels.
If you suffer from any back injuries or have problems with any other parts of the body, know your limitations.  Movements do not have to be big.  Take it gently and do not do anything that causes you pain.  Tell your teacher if movements cause you any difficulty.   If you are in any doubt whatsoever, always consult your doctor before you start.


Q. Do I have to show my belly?

A.  No, you do not have to show your belly.  There are many gorgeous costumes available that do not reveal the stomach.

Q. Do I have to dress up?

A. No, loose clothing is fine to dance in, as long as you are able to move and feel comfortable.  (It is a lot of fun to dress up though.) 

Q.  Do I have to be slim to belly dance?

A. No, the more voluptuous you are, the easier you will find it.

Q. Am I too Old?

A. No, my oldest dancers are in their 80’s, it is never too late to start.

Q. I have a bad back, can I belly dance?

A.  While it can be said that many people find belly dance a great ease to back pain, it is essential to ask the advice of your doctor before-hand, it really does depend upon the individual and their condition.

Q.  Do I have to perform?

A. No, performing is optional.  The opportunities to perform are ample, with regular Haflas (parties), that are run by the belly dance community, they tend not to be public events.  If you do not wish to dance in public, just go to watch, it’s fun to see your friends dancing.

Q. Where can I see belly dancing?

A. There are a number of options.  At Haflas, Local Middle Eastern Restaurants, Belly Dance Shows, DVDs, Middle Eastern TV stations, or if you are lucky, holidays abroad.

Q.  Where does belly dance come from?

A.  Many believe it originated with a band of Gypsies travelling from Rajasthan.  The Gypsies split up and travelled  across the Middle East to Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey amongst many other countries.  With them they influenced dance with their fast gyrating hip movements and undulations.